Food Vendors last day to submit vendor application is July 15, 2018

The Asheboro Fall Festival of 2018 will have some major changes for our food vendors.  First we have created TWO (2) categories of food vendors:

  1. Regular Food Vendors: Vendors who are preparing food on-site at the Fall Festival.  These vendors will be required to have proper inspections through the Health Department.
  2. Craft Food Vendors: Vendors who have PRE-PACKAGED food items to sell during Fall Festival.  For example, jar of honey, pre-prepared fudge that is cut up and sold to festival goers in packaging, goat cheese already packaged and ready to be sold.  Craft Food Vendors also includes NONPROFITS that are selling bake sale items, such as cookies, cake slices, etc.

ON-SITE COOKING FOOD VENDOR  Applications are now open and receiving applications.  To apply, click HERE.




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