Q: “I am a food vendor.  What is going on with that application?”

A: The food vendors are a little different this year.  First, we have two categories of food vendors: regular and craft.  Craft food vendors are vendors who prepare their goods ahead of time and sell only pre-packaged items.  These include spices and rubs, goat cheese, salsa, bake sales, honey, and other related goods.  Regular food vendors are vendors who prepare food on-site at the festival.  We are currently still researching our food vendors and have not issued our lists of “staple” food vendors, or published the food vendor application.  However, we are working to have this complete as soon as possible, and hopefully available by February.  Thank you for your patience, and we hope this is not too straining on your festival schedule planning.

Q: “When will I know if I am accepted by the jury to be in the Asheboro Fall Festival?”

A:  The jury will convene on a monthly basis.  This means if you submit your jury application within the month of February, you will know within the first few weeks of March about the jury’s decision.  We are meeting on this rotation in order to be respectful of our vendors’ schedules, and we did not want for you to wait on a final decision.

Q: “I don’t see where to pay for my booth space on your application this year.  How do I pay for the booth?”

A:  We do not require that you pay for your booth until it is time to select your booth location.  We must first make it through the jury process before you can select your booth location.  Booth locations will go live on August 1, 2018.  You will pay for your booth(s) during the booth location process.

Q: “I have had the same booth for years, and it was # _______ located on ___________.  I want the same booth for the 2018 Asheboro Fall Festival. Can you help me keep this booth?”

A:  We know how the Asheboro Fall Festival has been run in the past.  However, as many of you have noticed, we have a lot of improvements with the coming Asheboro Fall Festival.  One improvement is the Jury System.  After everyone has a chance to make it through this process, vendors accepted into the Fall Festival will be provided with a login username and password to be able to choose the booth they would like to set up in.  This will be a first-come-first-serve.  It will open later in the year.  We have determined that this gives everyone a chance to participate in their best festival.  We also find that allowing our vendors to choose their own location will improve everyone’s opinion of their location, because they were allowed to choose their own spot.  In other words, instead of the administration attempting to make over 300 vendors happy based on each individual want and need, the vendors will be able to best select a booth location that can fit their needs based on their own criteria.

Q: “Last year, I had a 10’ Booth and this year I would like a 20’ Booth. Can I stay in the same location from last year and simply increase my booth size?”

A:  Because of the recent changes to the festival, you will be able to choose your own booth location, which means if you want to jump from 10′ x 10′ to a 10′ x 20′, you will be able to locate two 10′ x 10′ booths side-by-side and pay for the 10′ x 20′ space.  It may not be in the same location that you have always had.  This is based on the first-come-first-serve system.

Q:  “I can’t remember what size booth I had last year.  Can you look it up for me?”

A: Yes, we can look it up, but only certain RAG employees have access to this looking-up process.  Due to some changes in personnel and in the registration process, this request is more difficult than it may seem to those who register.  In the future, this may be much easier for us as we enhance and improve our registration.  However, we balance thousands of vendor applications and on a daily basis, these applications can be somewhat overwhelming as we process them and enter them into databases.  During the processing, we will be able to determine what size booth you had in the past, but processing happens after the early registration deadline.  We fully recommend keeping better track of your records so the application process is seamless on your side and ours.

Q: “I have a friend who is new to the Fall Festival and it is imperative that we have booths next to each other.”

A: We admire and commend your spirit of mentorship!  With the new process, you may be able to work this out on your end, rather than asking us to do it for you.  Good luck!

Q:  I have never participated in the Asheboro Fall Festival before, and I am not sure how to go about taking pictures of a booth for your photo requirement.  What should I do?  And am I still eligible to apply for the jury?

A: You are absolutely eligible to apply for the jury!  We are requiring the photo booth set-up to give the jury an opportunity to see your booth as a whole.  If you have never shown at the Fall Festival, but you have shown elsewhere in other festivals, a picture of your booth set-up in the other festivals will work nicely.  If you have never shown in any festival before and this will be your first, we find that having an opportunity to set-up your booth ahead of time will help you during the festival set-up night when the time rolls around.  You can set up your booth in an empty parking lot, in your driveway, in your garage, at a park, anywhere you choose.  Try to fill it up with as much merchandise as you are capable in that moment, but it does not have to be filled to the gills.  Just enough so the jury will be able to see what is going on in your booth.  Then you will have experience in setting up your booth prior to the event while the jurors will have an idea of your merchandising skills.

Q:  “I have attended the Fall Festival for years, and I know you have pictures of my craft/food/etc/etc on file. Do I really have to send in a new photo with every year’s application?”

A:  Yes, we require a new photo each year.  Especially now that we have a jury process.  If you do not attach photos, you will be disqualified and the jury will not review your application.

Q: “I am having a lot of trouble with the application.  Especially with the Craft Vendor Application with the photo upload.  I click on it, but it just pulls up a blank white box.”

A:  We are aware of this problem.  We are not sure why it is doing this to some devices, and not everyone.  We are working on the issue to the best of our abilities and have contacted Google for help.  It does help if you are connected to high speed internet.  WiFi sometimes does not allow the pop-up box to show because it requires a good connection.  Also, try and check your pop-up blocker.  That should not affect this form, but it could potentially be the problem.  Again, we are working on it.  For right now, please refresh your browser, or close your browser and reopen the application and try again at another time.

Q: “When is the deadline to have my jury application in?”

A:  The last month the jury will convene is at the end of August, which means you have until August 31, 2018 to apply to be a vendor in the Asheboro Fall Festival.  This does not mean you are automatically accepted, but the last opportunity you have to enter your application into the jury.  We are no longer able to accept late applications.

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